The original Isiah Thomas is one of the best to play his position over the years and was also one of the toughest players of his generation as well.

That was very clear on countless occasions as the Pistons battled for titles in the 1980's and early 90's.

It wasn't just only Thomas though as the Pistons garnered the nickname the "Bad Boys" for their relentless effort and toughness.

That was clear when Thomas was fouled hard by then Bulls big man Bill Cartwright and Isiah Thomas was having none of it.

For our Throwback Thursday, check out this video of "Zeke" going nuts!

As Thomas loses his mind, it reminds us all about how in a pre social media day and age that these things didn't make the rounds like they do today, but also that the NBA was a bit more feisty back then too.


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