As a kid this play made me cry.  As an adult it takes a lot not to cry when I watch it again.

I have been a die hard Braves fan since I can remember and not only did I have to deal with Kirby Puckett making plays no one his size should be making, I had to deal with Kent Hrbek lifting Ron Gant off first base to help the Twins win as well.

Full transparency, I hated Kent Hrbek after this play, but I have got to know Kent over the years and he is one of my favorite guys to talk to.

This play has become humorous every time I have him on my radio show and even though he claims that Gant's momentum took him off first base, reasonable minds know my guy Hrbek picked him up and gave him a little shove.

For this week's Throwback Thursday, watch as Kent Hrbek lifts Ron Gant off first base in the 1991 World Series.

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