The cost of doing anything is high and going up. You just can't have any fun anymore without breaking the bank.

Hold on just a second there, Bucko.

My Grandkids taught me a few lessons through the years. And maybe totally by accident, I taught them a few, too.

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Whether you live in Sioux Falls or one of the other great communities in our state and area, you don't have to take out a loan to have fun outside your front door.

Now, you may not take a hankering to all of these activities, but there's bound to be one or two or three that'll make you go 'Oh yeah, I forgot about that, that sounds like fun.' And as a bonus, they're all free.

So maybe on one of those sunny, warm beautiful days here in the Sioux Empire (or is it Siouxland?) maybe I'll see you out at the park or in the neighborhood. If I do, I'll give you a friendly 'howdy' and a smile. And if you do the same, we'll both feel better.

And it won't cost us a cent.

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