Little League Baseball reminds me of hockey. Cuts, bruises, broken bones, it's all part of the game. "Just get me back in there coach!"

During a Little League baseball game on Sunday in Jacksonville, Florida the two teams playing found themselves battling another opponent. A Dust Devil.

Just as a pitch was delivered to the batter, from out of nowhere a Dust Devil swooped down and consumed home plate along with the 7-year-old catcher Bauer Zoya.

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You can see in the video Zoya was stunned and wasn't moving out of the mini-dirt tornado.

To the rescue the umpire!

17-year-old Aidan Wiles was umping the game and rushed in to pull Zoya away from the mayhem.

There were no injuries, and after dowsing of water to the eyes and clearing the dirt, Zoya pulled his catcher's mask back on, and play continued.

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