Apparently the Big 12 Conference isn't as big a fan of the latest ESPN 'Star Wars' Ad with Baylor and TCU players in it as many of the viewing public.

A lot of great social media buzz was created from the ad, both negativity and positively reacting to the 30 second ad on ESPN.

According to CBS Sports, the Big 12 sent a cease and desist letter to the network of ESPN in regards to ESPN using a video showing Baylor and TCU football players in a Star Wars commercial.

Prior to the Big 12 match up between Baylor and TCU on Nov. 27, ESPN aired a Star Wars themed intro that featured clips and bits from the upcoming movie along with highlights of players from both schools. At the end of the commercial, it had information about the date of the release and obviously encouraged viewers to go out and buy tickets for the movie.

CBS Sports reported that Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby was very puzzled by the decision on ESPN's part.

“We were surprised and unhappy,” Bowlsby said.

Both schools said they were unaware the commercial would be aired either.

ESPN said the following in a statement that was obtained also by CBS Sports: “After the Big 12 brought this to our attention, we worked closely with them to resolve the situation."

The NCAA commented and said they consider the matter to be resolved.

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