The NFL seems to be getting quite the sense of humor and I love it.  First there was Monday Night Football on ESPN2 hosted by Peyton and Eli Manning.  They do a lot of joking around, so it's a lot different than the regular Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN and ABC.


Then, remember that shirtless, chain-wearing "Kirko" Kirk Cousins character that was born last year in some post game fun after our Minnesota Vikings beat the Washington Commanders?        

Photo by YouTube via Larry Brown Sports
Photo by YouTube via Larry Brown Sports

Well now the NFL is getting into the fun too! Not long ago they released a NFL Season teaser that acts as if the NFL Season is completely scripted and they're doing a table read for the new season.  And "Kirko" makes an appearance, see it here.      

I'm loving this new sense of humor from the NFL.  Even more than that, I love that the Minnesota Vikings are playing a part in it all.  I guess maybe Kirk being on that new Peyton Manning produced Netflix show called "Quarterback" has made him more sought-after for things like this?

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Well now there is a new fun teaser for the ManningCast.  They are looking for a possible 3rd co-host.  Check out Kirk Cousins' part in this Celebrity-packed teaser.



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