The Union Gospel Mission has a wish for Christmas this year from their local Sioux Empire Community.

According to a recent press release, they are asking for gifts for the upcoming holiday season for both the local homeless and the poverty population.

“We need thousands of Christmas gifts for homeless and poverty-stricken men, women and families at the Mission.” –Eric Weber, Executive Director for The Union Gospel Mission located at 701 E. 8th St in Sioux Falls.

The most wanted items for Christmas gifts at The UGM this year are new hoodies for adults and children.

With the current pandemic, The UGM wants to make sure that they have gifts for every person that comes through their doors during the holiday season.

Last year, they gave out close to 800 hoodies. They are also asking for new socks, underwater, toys, and personal care items along with the hoodies.

The Christmas season can be a very lonely time for people who are not around family and for those who are trying to live on the streets.

“We can change that by offering safe shelter, a holiday feast, simple gifts, and an opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ birth, as a family here at UGM. I’ve seen people come into our doors discouraged, hurting, and hungry, and an hour later, they are smiling and hopeful about the future. But, we need community support to make it happen” stated Weber.

For more information about The Union Gospel Mission click HERE.

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