NBA commissioner Adam Silver is setting the right example for basketball fans. 

Silver's job hasn't been easy in his first year, but he is making all the right moves as commissioner.

Donald Sterling made racist remarks to his girlfriend, advising her not to bring 'black' people to Los Angeles Clippers games. Silver acted promptly, banning Sterling for life, and fining the Clippers owner 2.5 million dollars.

This indeed was the smartest move, showing fellow African-American owners, coaches, and players, that there is no room for racism in the NBA.

After handling the Sterling situation sternly, Silver showed respect in his second act as commissioner of the NBA. Last night, Silver honored Baylor center Isaiah Austin, who suffers from Marfan's syndrome, a connective-tissue disorder. The disease ended Austin's basketball career, as it could have killed Austin. 

Silver and the NBA wanted to fulfill Austin's dream of being drafted, so he did just that: "It gives me great pleasure to say, that with the next pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the NBA selects Isaiah Austin out of Baylor University.

Watch and listen for yourself: Isaiah Austin Drafted into the NBA

Austin was extremely grateful in an interview after he was drafted:

"It's one of the biggest blessings of my life. I worked so hard to get this point, and unfortunately it was taken away, but when God closes one door, he opens another for you...It's been the toughest week of my life. But I have a great support system behind me. My family has been with me the whole way. And God has put willpower in my heart to help me push through this...I'm going to dream again. I'm going to go around, share my story with as many people as I can and I am just hoping to touch people's lives and let them know that any obstacle they are facing, they can get through. All they have to do is keep a positive mind and thank God for every moment they are on this earth."

Austin truly has an inspirational story, and is a young man worth looking up for young basketball players.

Overall, Silver gets an A+ for making Austin's dream of being drafted come true. The NBA is in great hands with Silver, and the association's public image seems to be at its best in its history. Hopefully, the NBA can find a way to keep Austin involved in basketball through coaching, public speaking, or in ways to benefit the association in the present and future.

What do you think? How cool was it to see Silver honor Austin last night at the NBA Draft?

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Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images


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