Look I know the Packers look and are terrible without Rodgers. I know that the Vikings are actually a really good team with a great defense and great potential moving forward. I know that Green Bay should have more championships the past 10 years.

I know and I agree with you.

I will admit, most Packers fans live in a fantasy world because they've had a Hall of Fame quarterback for the last 20 years. They believe the team is much better than it actually is.

However, to all the Vikings fans that keep sending me memes and jokes about Rodgers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and text message. To all the Vikings fans at my office that constantly give me a bad time about the Packers...

Do you know how dumb, sad and pathetic you guys sound sometimes?

You make fun of the Packers because they lose Aaron Rodgers and how bad they look but yet you guys can't out perform him? Since Rodgers has been a starter, the Vikings have only won the division 3 of the 9 times.

Once in 2008 during Rodgers first year as a starter, once in 2009 during Rodgers second year as a started and after we gifted you a quarterback we produced. Then last year in 2015, do we even need to talk about how bad Green Bays defense was?

Other than a couple of years around 2011-2013, the Vikings have always had a much better all-around team than Green Bay. The Packers have ridden Rodgers play making ability for nearly a decade.

All you Vikings fans can give us Packers fans a bad time, but the reality of the joke is that you guys can't out perform one man to win the division. ONE MAN. Hell, Green Bay went 8-7-1 in 2013 with Rodgers only playing half a season and we still won the division.

I'm not against the Vikings personally, nor am I upset with Anthony Barr for taking Rodgers out. I do hope you guys enjoy being "king of the North" right now. But are you really king if you can't take the kingdom when it's at full strength?

"Sit down.. and be humble."



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