The ESPYS are... well just that. ESPYS. While it's interesting and always fun to see who wins each of the awards at the end of the day, it's hard to really take them for what they're worth.

Tonight's show awarded Russell Westbrook the "Best Male Athlete" but the only person that deserves to be remotely considered in this conversation is Michael Phelps. He's undoubtedly the best athlete out of Russell Westbrook, Kris Bryant and Sidney Crosby.

But let's be honest. Russell Westbrook isn't even the best athlete in the NBA, Kris Bryant isn't the clear-cut best player in baseball and I'm sorry but no way is Sidney Crosby a better athlete than Westbrook or Bryant or Phelps.

Who's the best athlete then? People this one is plain and simple. LeBron James is hands down the best athlete in the NBA and in fact, the entire world. LeBron stands at 6 feet 8 inches, weighs 250 pounds and there is no one that's even as close to as big, as fast, as quick, as strong or as powerful as he is.

Here's proof:

Lionel Messi is a complete beast on the soccer field, but even he doesn't match up to the way LeBron completely dominates opponents and the basketball court. There is no other athlete that plays a "team" sport that dominates the league the way LeBron does.

So it's all fun and games that Westbrook won best athlete, but LeBron James is the best athlete in the world. He has been for the last decade too and the world will never see anything like him again.

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