Personally I think it is crazy to want to attend a football game outside in any weather below 50 degrees much less a game that will feature a probable game time temp of 1 degree with a wind chill around -20 degrees.

That is what you will be experiencing if you were to attend the NFL Wild Card game between the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks.

I would recommend not buying a ticket and buying a TV instead and saving the money of the trip to the game and instead sitting right on your coach with a much better experience than freezing to death at that game.

Games like this should be cancelled and postponed or played elsewhere because it can be flat out dangerous for the fans to be at the game and no way does it make sense to be outdoors playing a game in this horrible weather.

That's my two cents, but they will play the game and there will be a lot of fans at TCF Bank Stadium braving the elements as they cheer on either Seattle or Minnesota.

Click here for the updated weather forecasts as game time approaches and if you are going to the game, GOD BLESS YOU, you are more of a fan than I will ever be.