Everyone has their "thing." It is something you collect, attend, participate in, but it is without a doubt your "thing." Something you love to do, something you put your time, and money towards.

To most people your "thing" is weird, a waste a time, something they don't understand, but you don't care because it makes sense to you it's your "thing." And your "thing" in life often connects you to another group of people who also love the exact same thing you do. This is your tribe.

Maybe you collect Precious Moments dolls, stamps, or Coke memorabilia. Maybe you play an instrument, or have a trade that is more of a hobby. Maybe your thing is painting your face purple and pounding your ax against your shield cheering on your favorite sports team.

SKOLLLLL!!!! I stumbled across this documentary by Tristan Dehler-Seter.

Watch Sir Skolt Scott talk about how he got started with his purple passion and why it still goes strong today.

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