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Whether you have Netflix or not, if you are a true blue football fan there is no doubt you have heard all about this show...

...Netflix first started teasing this a while back - a mini-series if you will of some of today's recognizable quarterbacks in the National Football League. Of course one of them WON a Super Bowl, the other I knew very little about, and the third one wears purple and gold - Minnesota Vikings own number 8 - Kirk Cousins. The other 2 QBs in this Netflix show are Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs and Marcus Mariota from Atlanta.

Just last week Netflix released Quarterback and if YOU are an armchair quarterback yourself you will LOVE this

The one thing Netflix does well is promoting and holding onto your attention. They get you hooked, and they know quite well just how many people binge-watch - and when you combine that with the inside works of the National Football League - BOOM - they got you. According to si.com " Across eight episodes, the Omaha Productions and NFL Films docuseries follows Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota, on and off the field, over the course of the 2022 season." I had a chance to watch this when it came out, I was fascinated by some of the footage that clearly shows just how quick the action and violent hits are, on the field.

I thought my opinion would be biased since I root for the Vikings...

...but the early reviews are in, and the segment with Kirk Cousins is clearly a favorite with si.com - "Cousins shines throughout the show. There's a lot of insight into who he is as a person and player"  I one thousand percent agree, but I don't want to give away anything else about the show in this article. - IF you love football or even enjoy rooting for a likable person, watch this show!  Check out this trailer...

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