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The hottest food item at Walmart is described as "light and velvety." It's leaving people speechless. And, the folks over at Costco should be worried.

After going viral on TikTok, Walmart's French Style Cheesecake Mousse is the bomb!

According to Allrecipes.com, this delight is a Walmart exclusive and produced by Marketside, Walmart's private label for fresh foods and bakery items.

If you're a fan of New York-style cheesecake, think lighter and fluffier.

If you're not a fan of a graham cracker crust too bad. I would have to agree with you on that one. My choice would be a pecan sandie base.

Walmart does give you a choice when it comes to different flavors for their cheesecake.

Allrecipes.com writes it comes in Strawberry, with a sweet strawberry layer, Turtle, with a caramel-chocolate drizzle and chocolate cookie crust, and now, Lemon.

There are two sizes to choose from: a 5.5-ounce double portion or a 16-ounce sharing size.

Don't be worried about the price. The mini French Style Cheesecake Mousse cups are just $2.44, and the larger size rings in at $6.94.

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