The brotherhood that police officers have is a strong bond. When one officer is in trouble, they all come to the rescue.

That was the case in the Twin Cities suburb of Blaine, Minnesota. An "officer needs help" call went out and a Spring Lake Park Police officer put the pedal down on his Dodge Charger patrol car in an effort to help. The video below shows what happened next.

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The officer pushed the Charger up to an unofficial estimate of 108 mph on a four-lane divided highway. As the officer attempted to slow down to make a left turn at an intersection, he lost control of the Charger and t-boned a Toyota Camry. Estimates assume the police cruiser was traveling at 35 mph when it struck the Camry.

MN Safety/YouTube
MN Safety/YouTube

Reports say that there were no injuries to those involved in the crash as well as the officer who requested assistance.


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