Those of us that live in Sioux Falls know all the great things there are to do here. However, cramming all of that into just 24 hours can be tricky.

Matt and Natalie Houston decided to see all 50 states in one year. South Dakota was 34 of their 50.

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Their YouTube channel and Instagram are called 'Adventures of Matt and Nat.'

The couple only had 24 hours in Sioux Falls!

It looks like their stay in Sioux Falls was in August of 2021 and Experience Sioux Falls hosted the couple. I don't blame them for visiting in the Summer instead of the Winter.

In the roughly 20 minute video, we see they stayed at Hotel on Phillips. They ate and drank at the Phillips Avenue Diner, CH Patisserie, The Treasury, and Minvervas.

They ventured out a bit from Sioux Falls to check out Strawbale Winery.

They toured some of the downtown Sculpture Walk and the Arc of Dreams. They sampled some teas at The Spice and Tea Exchange.

And, of course, they went to Falls Park where they seemed to be genuinely blown away.

In their description of the video, the couple says, "Welcome to South Dakota, state #34 in our journey to all 50 states in a year (2021)! When you think of South Dakota you probably think of tractors, cold weather, Mount Rushmore, and vast, open landscapes filled with nothing… and you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong! But we’re here to show you that there’s a whole lot more to South Dakota than those stereotypes! Per usual, we only had one day to explore, so we focused our efforts on the quaint town of Sioux Falls, and we can promise you that it did not disappoint! From an AMAZING stay at Hotel on Phillips to the delicious pastries at CH Patisserie to the perfect summer evening at Strawbale Winery, we couldn’t have asked for a more memorable time in the Mount Rushmore State!"

Looks like they had a great time!

Is there anywhere you think they missed?

Next time they're in town I would suggest a beer at one of the local breweries. Try throwing axes at Rough Cut or JJ's. Also, maybe a trip to Palisades State Park in nearby Garretson.

Come back any time, Matt and Nat! There is still plenty to explore.

Source: Pigeon 605

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