The year of 2019 is no doubt going down in history for the area around Sioux Falls, South Dakota as the year of all out weather disasters.

The Winter months were brutal with cold temperatures and multiple snow events. Then a major problem came in the Spring.

The flooding was a huge disaster. The city of Sioux Falls itself was under water. And the massive flooding in the rural areas prevented farmers from planting their crops.

Then Sioux Falls gets hit with three tornadoes coming down in the city the night of September 10 nearing midnight. Several business locations were wiped out.

That was followed by huge flooding in the area with a foot of rainfall inside 48 hours. It was declared a 500 year flood in some spots. Many schools are cancelled and many people are displaced from their homes.

My friend Mark Krumvieda, who operates a grader professionally out on the county roads, sent me this video of the flooding at Montrose, South Dakota. He captured it from his drone.

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