I was listening to our radio stations this week and I heard an ad for High End Glass and Tobacco in Sioux Falls that featured the phrase "7/10" and referenced a smoking holiday for presumable stoners.

Now, I try to stay hip with all the new trends, but this is one I must have missed.

So thanks to a little thing called Google, I was able to find out what the meaning was of this illustrious holiday.

So what is the 7/10 smoking holiday?

Apparently, it is considered a "stoner" holiday for consuming cannabis oil, hash oils, dabs, or concentrates; (BTW, these are all illegal in South Dakota as of July 8, 2021).

The origin of 7/10 is up for discussion as some say it stems from OIL being flipped upside down, but it seems through most reading on the interweb that it was a marketing campaign pushed by those in the recreation cannabis industry to sell more concentrates.

Previously, the smokers holiday that many were aware of was 4/20 where tokers all over the world cheech out at 4:20 AM and 4:20 PM on April 20.

This holiday will take place on July 10 and is written numerically as 7/10.

For everything you need to know about 7/10, you can read up from presumably an expert right here. 


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