It's almost that time of year again when you can run out and buy stuff that makes fire, flies, and explodes to the delight of everyone watching. But when can we buy them in South Dakota?

Fireworks go on sale for Mount Rushmore State residents starting on June 27th. You will be able to buy fireworks until July 5th, which is a holiday for most people this year because the 4th falling on a Sunday.

The date for fireworks sales is spelled out in state law. SDCL 34-37-10 lists the range of dates:

A person who is issued a license under § 34-37-2.2 may sell fireworks to out-of-state residents for the periods designated in § 34-37-2.2. A person who is issued a late season license under § 34-37-2.2 or a retailer license under § 34-37-2 may sell any fireworks to residents and nonresidents during the period from December twenty-eighth to January first. A retail licensee may not make any sale of fireworks between the hours of twelve a.m. and seven a.m.

Of course, as noted in the law, fireworks sales are also permitted each year from December 26th through January 1st.

There has been a bit of a shortage of fireworks this year, mostly due to shipping problems related to the COVID pandemic. I talked with Kevin from Pyro City Fireworks and he said while they have plenty of stock, there will be some holes at times and you are better off to get them early. In fact, the dates in June are always easier shopping, especially during weekdays, than they ever are on the July days.

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