Most everyone agrees that exercise, in one form or another, can be quite beneficial to one's overall health.

What we don't seem to agree on is the best workout to help us meet our exercise goals.

A new study from the fitness experts at BarBend looked at Google search data for 25 workout exercises in 50 US states, to find out the most popular exercise in each state.

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Victor Freitas via Unsplash

Exercise enthusiasts in Iowa and Minnesota both gravitated toward the same workout.

The deadlift is tops in the Hawkeye State, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and 14 other states, making it the second most popular in America.

South Dakota's top workout pick isn't nearly as popular. The Hammer curl, which increases biceps strength, wrist strength, and refines muscle endurance, is the go-to in just six states.

Fortune Vieyra via Unsplash

Crunches are the runaway favorite workout in America.

The abdominal muscle exercise is tops in nearly half of the states - 23 out of 50.

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