We're just about two months away from Father's Day (June 16th), and if your dad is like mine, you NEVER know what to get for him.

I know the one thing that's never crossed my mind as a gift option - soap.  That is until now...

Meet the Man Hand Soap company of Lincoln, Nebraska.  They've got every kind of dad covered with an, let's say, eccentric line of soaps.

Is dad a big sports fan with a big need to smell like a day spent at his favorite past time?  Try baseball Glove, Pine Tar, or Race Day.

Does dad have strong political views and a strong odor? Try Republican or Democrat.

Is dad just looking to get away from it all and is still just a teenager at heart?  Try Spring Break or Cannabis (especially if he was a teenager in the 60's).

Does dad get his kicks closer to town?  Well nothing goes better together than Cash, Sweet Cigar, and Lap Dance.  We won't tell mom if you don't.

And finally, if you're not particularly fond of the old man and are looking for the perfect scents to convey that message every time he hits the shower, might I suggest Top Soil or Urinal Mint.  When he hits the office smelling like either of these two fragrant beauties, everyone will know what you REALLY think of him!

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