Sometimes we get bored on my radio show and this is a prime example of that.

On Tuesday's edition of my show Overtime, we came up with the great idea to crown the 'Ugliest Human Left in the NBA Playoffs'.

So we took to Twitter for some help in deciding who gets the honor.

We narrowed it down to two ugly dudes from each team for the quarterfinals and they battled it out.

Then we took the winners and pitted up one player from each team in each conference and had them battle it out.

Finally we took one representative from each conference and crowned the ugliest human left in the NBA playoffs.  Here's your champ!

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics - Game Seven
Getty Images

Finally, congratulations to Kelly Olynyk on his award as it will be a very difficult next few days as the Cavaliers continue to sweep them out of the playoffs, at least he has this parting gift from the 2016-2017 season.





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