Whether you like it or not, Alex Rodriguez will be back in Major League Baseball in 2015.

Currently suspended the entire season (162 games) from Major League Baseball for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal and his lack of cooperation with the league.

However, no matter what your personal opinion may be of Arod, the summer of 2015 will be the Summer of Arod.

Some might be about ready to click elsewhere, but let me explain why.

First of all, the media hype surrounding his return, accompanied by the fact that Arod resides in the media capital of the US, will make this a never ending story next summer.

For those of us who still don't have a problem with Alex playing in MLB, this won't be too much of inconvenience, but for those who do have a negative agenda against one of the best to ever play, its guaranteed to be over kill.

Arod's return in 2015 will certainly spark many unanswered questions at this point, like how productive will he be, what will the response by like in his ballpark as well as others and maybe even a bigger question is whether or not he will actually be in that aforementioned media capital of the world.

It is unlikely that the Yankees will buy Arod out and let him go elsewhere, but its not out of the relm of possibilities and if they did, can you only imagine the coverage of "where Arod will go?".

All I know is it will be extremely interesting to see what's going on in Arod's season at this exact point in 2015 as we approach the 2015 MLB All Star break and to see where Arod's production is at along with the Yankees spot in the AL East standings.

I know I'm in the minority and that is ok, but I cannot wait for Alex Rodriguez's return post suspension and I'm hoping for a HUGE season production wise to validate the Summer of Arod.


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