Winners win and losers Wentz.

That phrase has become pretty popular over the last couple of years as former No. 2 overall draft pick Carson Wentz has continued to see his career trend in the wrong direction.

His roller coaster of an NFL career continued on Wednesday as reports surfaced that Wentz will be traded to the Washington Commanders.

This marks Wentz's third team in a matter of 14 months after he was traded to the Indianapolis Colts in February 2021 from the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Colts gave up a first-round and third-round draft pick to acquire Wentz and now in turn ship off two third-round picks to unload the QB.

Washington will in turn send a pick back as well in addition to paying all of the remaining $28 million guaranteed on his current deal.

Wentz had a career-low 7 interceptions a season ago, but it is his continued mistakes in clutch situations accompanied by the lack of leadership he continues to show in every locker room he goes to, that seems to be holding him back.

There are two things that can change Carson Wentz's career in Washington and they are very simple.

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First, don't make boneheaded mistakes, because you aren't Brett Favre and you can not make up for those mistakes with some sort of Hall of Fame talent.

Secondly, read the room, because whatever he has tried in the past isn't working and players in the NFL aren't buying his act.

Hopefully, for Washington and Wentz, this situation won't turn out to be a tale of throwing good money at a bad QB and Wentz can take that talent, figure out a new leadership style and enjoy a successful career the rest of the way.

If not, "Winners Win, Losers Wentz" will be the only thing people remember about his NFL career.


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