Wisconsin senator Tammy Baldwin has introduced an act that is aimed at making sure that no Green Bay Packers fan is forced to watch Minnesota Vikings games.

Tammy Baldwin is running for her reelection as Senator of Wisconsin and has decided to take aim at the loyal sports fans of the state. As we all know, Wisconsin is full-blown Packers territory and a majority of the state is able to watch every single game on television.

That is unless a person lives in western and northwestern Wisconsin. There is a portion of Wisconsin that is covered by affiliates in Duluth and also the stretch of affiliation from the Twin Cities. In situations in which the Packers and Vikings are both playing at the same time on the same network, those stations traditionally air the Vikings. This occurred last year during Week 10, Week 13, and Week 17.

Baldwin has turned her attention to that area of the state and has proposed the "Go Pack Go Act" which will require the airing of Packers games across the state.

Why? Because "No Packers fan should ever be forced to watch Vikings games."

JP Kirby, who runs the broadcasting website 506Sports, posted on Twitter after seeing the video that this has been tried before.

Nothing ever happens or won't happen in this scenario. They would be attempting to force Minnesota stations to air a Packers game over a Vikings game. Unless new stations arrive in that area of Wisconsin and can get the clearance to air those games, this is very unlikely to ever pass through.

But it's a great idea to try to snag a couple of extra votes from those loyal Packers fans living near the border.


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