We've seen him as Kane, Isaac Yankem D.D.S, and the fake Diesel in character, but the man behind the gimmicks has just become a mayor.

Glenn Jacobs, who has been employed with the WWE since 1995, officially became the mayor of Knox County in Tennessee. He won the primary election back in May by a mere 23 votes, but he turned it around by winning the actual election with about two-thirds of the vote according to ESPN.

Knox County in Tennessee includes the town of Knoxville and the surrounding area. Overall, Jacobs will be responsible for the third most populous county in the state of Tennessee, which has about 432,000 people in it according to Google Maps.

The former WWE champion has always had an interest in politics, and started to really get involved with it around 2008. ESPN also reports that Jacobs is involved in real estate and selling insurance outside of his job with WWE.

Kane is set to take office on September 1, 2018.


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