Can you buy a fishing license in South Dakota online?

The answer is YES and it makes things so much easier than the good ole days.

In the good ole days, one would have to go to the local bait shop, some gas station or Wal Mart to get your fishing license but the state of South Dakota has made thing easier.

I honestly am not that big of a fisherman, but I have gotten out on the water twice this year and the first time I drove to a couple of places before I got my daily license.

This time, I broke out the trusty google machine and asked the aforementioned question to find an answer that made my life a lot easier.

Im guessing the state has offered this for a while, but it sure makes things more convent.

All one has to do is head to the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks website and set up a free account and you can purchase your daily or annual fishing license.

They also allow you to buy other licenses and get great information on hunting and fishing.

You can click here to be directed to the website to buy your fishing license in South Dakota.