If you're still kicking yourself for not getting a chance to catch some shuteye in the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile when it partnered with Airbnb two years ago, you're about to get another chance to spend the night inside a pop culture icon.

To celebrate the move of their corporate offices from Pennsylvania to Austin, Minnesota the folks at Planters Peanuts are giving one lucky person a chance to 'shellebrate' with a weekend stay in the Planters NUTMobile.

The winner will get access to Mr. Peanut's custom mobile legume from October 1 through October 3 on the waterfront in Duluth, Minnesota.

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Planters Nutmobile Interior
Courtesy of Planters

That happy camper will also get $1,500 in travel bucks and extra perks like a hearty supply of Cheez Balls, Mixed Nuts, and Cashews, plus a custom Mr. Peanut eye mask and robe, and they'll get to take part in all kinds of activities, including hiking and kayaking.

While Mr. Peanut has been around since 1906 when Planters Peanut Company was founded in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, it wasn't until 1935 that he got his first set of wheels.

Today's NUTmobile is a technological wonder with rooftop solar panels and a wind turbine to help charge the internal batteries.

The modified Isuzu NPR box truck stands 11.5 feet (or 180 peanuts) tall; it's 26 feet (415 peanuts) long, it's 8.5 feet (140 peanuts) wide and weighs 13,000 pounds (about 3 million peanuts).

So how do you win?

On Friday (September 17) at noon Central time, be the first person to register at MrPeanutInnANutshell.com.

The weekend of a lifetime isn't entirely free. The winner will be charged the cost of a jar of Planters peanuts for the stay - $3.59.


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