Sioux Falls Police say officers responded to a call at Bakker Park in southwest Sioux Falls Monday night and found a 17 year old teenager who had been shot.

"When they arrived there was a male in the actual park who had sustained a gunshot wound to his chest. That male is a 17 year old Sioux Falls kid," explained Captain Blaine Larson.

"Lifesaving efforts started. We had EMS out there and had the boy taken to a Sioux Falls hospital. However at 11:55 PM the 17 year old was pronounced dead."

Larson says an 18-year-old man allegedly shot the boy.

"The person of interest in this whole thing, the guy that discharged the weapon, was arrested. His name is Dylan Michael Holler, a Sioux Falls resident. Because it was in Lincoln County the State's Attorney there filed the following charges on him: first degree murder, first degree robbery, and aggravated assault."

Larson says the victim and Holler were in a car with several others involved in a drug related incident.

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