With the Minnesota Vikings playing on Thursday night against the Los Angeles Rams, the Sunday window has opened with the chance to see some new teams.

It is a 99.9% guarantee (one exception to the rule in 2011) that the Vikings will be shown every week on our local FOX or CBS affiliate if they're playing on a Sunday. With Minnesota playing on Thursday night, both networks are able to go with the next local tie or default to the premier game on the schedule.

What makes everything even more interesting this week is that the Green Bay Packers are at home hosting Buffalo. With the AFC team on the road (again, typical rule but has some exceptions through the year) the game will be on CBS. Packers fans will be able to watch that game this week in Sioux Falls.

CBS also holds the doubleheader this weekend, and the late-afternoon game has followed the pattern of the first three weeks. That pattern is that the "spotlight" game WON'T be the one shown in our market. This has been very different than previous years. Sioux Falls is almost on the dividing line between the two late games. Everyone east of the Sioux Falls market (Minneapolis, Des Moines etc) will receive the Saints/Giants game, while Sioux Falls and everyone in the markets to our west is lined up for the 49ers/Chargers game.

Local Chicago Bears fans must be excited with how the schedule has played out for them so far this season. Most of the NFC North territories have switched from the Detroit/Dallas game to Chicago/Tampa Bay, leading to this being the Bears streak of being available in Sioux Falls to continue.

The other two national games this week include Baltimore/Pittsburgh on Sunday night and Denver/Kansas City on Monday night.

NFL Week 4 Games Available in the Sioux Falls Market:

  • Thursday, September 27: Minnesota @ LA Rams, 7:20, FOX/NFL Network
  • Sunday, September 30: Tampa Bay @ Chicago 12:00, FOX
  • Sunday, September 30: Buffalo @ Green Bay, 12:00, CBS
  • Sunday, September 30: San Francisco @ LA Chargers, 3:25, CBS
  • Sunday, September 30: Baltimore @ Pittsburgh, 7:20, NBC
  • Monday, October 1: Kansas City @ Denver, 7:15, ESPN

If you’re ever curious about which games will be shown in the area, there are a couple of places you can find listings. First, my personal favorite, NFL distribution maps are put out by the staff at 506SportsKTTW and KELO-TV also both list the scheduled games on their respective web pages. As a reminder, all games are subject to change (but rarely do).

Teams Shown in the Sioux Falls Market (Running List)

  • Arizona: 1
  • Atlanta: 1
  • Baltimore: 2
  • Buffalo: 2
  • Carolina: 1
  • Chicago: 4
  • Cincinnati: 1
  • Cleveland: 1
  • Dallas: 2
  • Denver: 2
  • Detroit: 2
  • Green Bay: 4
  • Houston:
  • Indianapolis:
  • Jacksonville:
  • Kansas City: 3
  • Los Angeles Chargers: 2
  • Los Angeles Rams: 2
  • Miami:
  • Minnesota: 4
  • New England: 1
  • New Orleans:
  • New York Giants: 1
  • New York Jets: 2
  • Oakland: 2
  • Philadelphia: 1
  • Pittsburgh: 3
  • San Francisco: 2
  • Seattle: 1
  • Tampa Bay: 2
  • Tennessee:
  • Washington: 1

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