First things first, THANK YOU! Wow, South Dakota is quite proud of what we have and millions of visitors have visited, explored, rested, and boosted our economy this last year in record-breaking fashion.

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In a release posted Wednesday, January 18, the annual study conducted by Tourism Economics showed visitors to South Dakota spent 4.7 billion dollars, an increase of 8% over 2021. This surpasses all previous records, even exceeding 2021’s surge of travel spending that was up 30% over 2020.


If there was a department that sent out thank you cards it would need an entire staff thanking 14.4 million visitors.

“South Dakota values freedom and offers something for everyone. That – combined with the tireless work of our citizens – is why we continue to break tourism records,” said Governor Kristi Noem. “This industry provides a strong and stable flow of dollars contributing to South Dakota’s record revenues, helping to build the strongest economy in America.”

The full 2022 Tourism Economics report shows the economic impact of tourism accounted for $361 million in state & local tax revenue, an increase of $16 million over 2021.

There are several categories in which visitor spending is monitored:
Food & Beverage
Retail Sales

Tourism Impacts Each Resident

Here is what each South Dakota resident should consider, without tourism in South Dakota, each household would pay an additional $1,011 in taxes each year.

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