The idea of going to a golf course and playing nine or 18 holes alone may seem like a weird concept, but it has turned into something I try to do a couple of times per year.

Golf has always been a social game for me. I've always played with members of my family, friends, or coworkers. I figured that golf without company would just be a frustrating time to spend with yourself.

Turns out I may have been a little off base.

Last year I went out to Kuehn Park and played a quick nine alone. I even turned down an opportunity to play with another single (Sorry!) because I wanted to give it a test run. My round was one of the best that I played last year and it was a relaxing experience. The quick nine holes made me see golf in a whole new way.

So this past week, while on vacation, I went back to Kuehn Park to see if the experience would be the same. Not facing the pressure of competition, I hit the ball a lot better than I typically do. I completed the round at Kuehn in an hour and was able to move on with my day.

Getting on the course provides a chance to sure-up some areas of the golf game. Mess up a tee shot? Just take another one. Need one more try at that putt that didn't drop in? Have at it. Nobody is counting strokes against you and there isn't that pressure to hit a perfect shot every time (which for me makes me play much better).

All that being said, golfing alone is not something I would do every week or every time I go to play. Between the two options, I do prefer social interaction and being on the course with friends, family, and coworkers. One or two times per year though? I am completely on board with that. It's a nice way to escape from everything going on.

if you have a day available, when the courses aren't that busy, I do recommend that you give it a shot sometime though. It's a different experience that makes you see the game and courses in a new way.

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