Antonio Brown is clearly still holding a grudge against his former team.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were eliminated from playoff contention after a thrilling battle with the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL Divisional Playoff round. Despite an epic comeback effort from future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady, it wasn't enough to hold off a last-second field goal set up by an epic bomb from Rams QB Matt Stafford to Cooper Kupp.

Former Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown quit on Tampa Bay mid-game back on January 3rd and since then, there have been conflicting accounts on what led to the bizarre exit.

The Buccaneers claimed he refused to go into the game when the team needed him on the field while AB claims that he was injured and couldn't play.

Either way, the mid-game meltdown led to Brown being released from the team.

The wild moment also led to some of the craziest memes we've seen in quite some time. After the Bucs were eliminated in heartbreaking fashion on Sunday, Brown delivered a low blow when he used a meme of himself to troll his former team.

Clearly, the blood is still bad between Antonio Brown and the Bucs, which means it's probably also bad between Antonio Brown and Tom Brady as I'm certain the loss was extra heartbreaking for a guy who knows he's only got so many games left in him.

Twitter definitely took notice.

Bucs fans were especially disgusted.

While many are having a laugh or rolling their eyes at his tweet, will this be one more reason for teams to avoid bringing this guy on board? It's hard to think that it isn't an indicator of how he views himself compared to a team that gave him a chance when many others wouldn't.

But, is anyone really surprised?

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