It's no secret that Martellus Bennett and his brother Michael Bennett oftenly have drama surrounding them. Whether it's scuffles with teammates or speaking out in the media, they make headlines. In Martellus' defense, he flew well under the radar during the Patriots

Admittedly, I was slightly worried about the Packers locker room going forward when I heard that they had signed Martellus. But my mind was put to ease after I saw this headline: "Lambeau Sleep: Martellus Bennett can't get into camp dorms, so he slept in front of his locker."

For someone who has been know to be a loud mouthed troublemaker, I have to admit that I was completely floored. I know NFL locker rooms are pretty damn nice but this man slept on the ground in front of his locker..

Bennett is currently worth somewhere around $16 million and just signed a 3 year deal worth $21 million to catch touchdowns from Aaron Rodgers this season. This guy can definitely afford to stay in whatever hotel he wants in Green Bay.

The Hilton Garden Inn, Hyatt Regency, Hampton Inn and Country Inn & Suites are all about $100 dollars a night and Bennett decided to go sleep at Lambeau Field, in the locker room.. on the floor.. for 6 am physicals.

This may not be a big deal to anyone else, but Packers fans know the team has had sime issues with receivers buying into the scheme or Aaron Rodgers arrogance. However, this is a great sign for Green Bay and especially since Bennett isn't exactly a cool-aid drinker.

To me this is a move by a guy that is so excited and so motivated to play for the Packers that he'd rather sleep in the locker room than in a hotel room for a night. This is the type of excitement that the Green Bay Packers have lacked the last couple seasons.

I'm officially sold on Bennett not being a locker room problem and in full support of Bennett's signing this offseason.

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