ESPN’s Brett McMurphy joins Jeff Thurn on Friday’s edition of Overtime.

Does MIke Riley fit into what Nebraska is trying to do today in college football? 

Yeah it really does. It is going to be interesting hire. Obviously Nebraska fans seems like they are not too thrilled with it because they are simply looking at win-loss record and comparing it with Pelin and Riley. Bo never lost more than four games in a season and Riley never lost fewer than five at Oregon St. But then when you look at where Oregon St. came from, they had 25 consecutive seasons before Riley got there and he took them to eight bowl games. The school had only been to seven in the history of the program before he got there. I know it's been said a number of times and bottom line, he has to win games, but he is one of the most respected, most nicest, down to earth guys you will ever meet. So certainly it was important for Shawn Eichorst to have somebody better on the people skills side of the ledger. Bottom line is none of that is going to matter. How he does on the field, wins and losses is ultimately how it will be determined if it's a good hire or not."

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Steve Dykes/Getty Images
Steve Dykes/Getty Images


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