The Sioux Falls Canaries obviously didn't want the season to start this way nor play itself out this way in 2013.

Hope was in the air back at media days this spring.  Lately, hope is probably the only thing keeping these guys from shutting down.

Not because they are playing bad, but because there just hasn't been consistency when needed from this ball club.

When they get some hitting, the pitching is a no show.  When the hitting goes quiet, the arms pick up momentum.

Over the last couple of days, thankfully for all involved, the tides have turned in the direction of the yellow birds.  They've been winning and maybe its some of that home cooking at the Bird Cage.  (I know. Sioux Falls Stadium...)

Sioux Falls Canaries Manager Steve Shirley joined Jeff Thurn on Overtime to talk about the recent success at the plate and his thoughts overall on PED's in baseball.

Take a listen and enjoy.


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