When people say they feel like crushing some food, this isn't quite what they mean.

A car accident has caused a significant amount of damage in Sioux Falls.

According to Dakota News Now, a 2007 Honda Pilot traveling west on 41st Street Tuesday night at around 10:00 pm. When it got to the intersection of 41st and Shirley Avenue, the Pilot ran into a 2001 Chevy Malibu.

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Accident at Chick-fil-A Sioux Falls

After the collision, the Pilot continued west until wound its way off the street, over the southern curb, and hit the sign with Chick-fil-A, Chase, and other businesses listed on it.

Then like something out of a movie that you would normally think is not likely to happen, the Pilot bursts into flames.

Sioux Falls Chic-fil-A Sign Damaged
Dakota News Now

The 48-year-old woman driving the Malibu received non-life-threatening injuries while the driver of the Honda Pilot took off and fled the scene of the accident.

Sioux Falls Police say the sign at Empire Place sustained $20,000 in damage, while the Pilot received $6,000 and the Malibu took $3.000 in damages.

Google Street View
Google Street View

The sign was practically brand new. Chick-fil-A just opened on September 23, 2021, just over six months ago.

Chase and other businesses have been open in Empire Plaza a bit longer. Chipotle opened there in December of 2020.

This crash is somewhat reminiscent of when a drunk driver missed a turn on Cliff Avenue and plowed into the right leg of Mr. Bendo.

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