One year ago, the world shut down and everything just stopped.  Going to bars? Forget about it.

Not only did quarantine require people to work from home and utilize their living rooms as their offices, it also forced individuals to use their homes as their locations for “Happy Hour” and after-work socializing sites. One way members of the workforce accomplished this goal was by transforming their kitchens into bars and being their own bartenders.  In fact, South Dakota was one of the top states to do exactly that.

A new study from surveyed over 3,500 participants to find the number one "Quarantini" drink of choice for each state. The home drink of choice for South Dakota?  A Bloody Mary reigns supreme in this state!

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It wasn't too long ago when concluded that the average South Dakotan consumed 17 drinks a week in 2020.  So, I suppose identifying the Bloody Mary as the top "quarantini" in the state to some degree makes sense. It's the hangover cure for most people.

Truth be told, this drink seems like it takes a little time to create.  There are quite a few ingredients that go into a Bloody Mary itself, like tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and celery. I have never tried a Bloody Mary. Just from reading the recipe though, this drink appears to be a full meal in one glass. reports that "nearly a quarter (24%) admit that spending more time indoors has relaxed their views on drinking alcohol more often."  Throughout the rest of the country, Mojitos, Piña Coladas, Margaritas, Old Fashioneds, and Dark & Stormy drinks topped most states as the popular "quarantini."

What is your "quarantini" drink of choice?

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