Sioux Falls is home to a ton of unique restaurants, breweries, and tourist destinations. Recently, one brewery in the Sioux Empire was recognized nationally as a 'must visit' during a trip to our great city.

WoodGrain Brewing, which is located in historic downtown Sioux Falls, was noted in the recent article from FarandWide.

WoodGrain has been in business since 2014.

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Here is the official snippet from the lengthy article detailing the best breweries from sea to shining sea:

South Dakota: WoodGrain Brewing Co.

Location: Sioux Falls

Established: 2014

Popular beers: Milk Stout, SMaSH Censored, Veneer Pils

Food options: No food on site, occasional food trucks

Coolest highlight: The brewery sources unique yeast strains from a microbiology company in Sioux Falls.

Attention to detail is the name of the game at WoodGrain, which true to its name showcases the glory of tree fibers in furniture and paneling throughout its brewery and taproom.

Many ingredients in the beers are locally sourced, including hops and barley, and WoodGrain operates its own grain mill and storage facility for optimal quality control.

It's a burgeoning craft beer scene in Sioux Falls, and WoodGrain leads the way in this article with national recognition for our area and state.

WoodGrain is located at 101 S Phillips Ave in Sioux Falls, and is open all week except for Monday.


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