The latest trend at movie theaters across the country is to be able to sell beer and wine to movie-goers as they relax and watch their favorite flicks.

The West Mall 7 Theatres here in Sioux Falls were hoping to follow suit by offering beer and wine to their patrons. The Sioux Falls City Council put the kibosh on that idea Tuesday night.

KSFY TV is reporting the Sioux Falls City Council unanimously shot down the West Mall 7's application for a malt beverage license on Tuesday, (April 3) with an 0-8 vote.

If approved, the West Mall 7 would have been the only movie theatre in Sioux Falls to join the growing trend of offering alcohol beverages to movie-goers.

One of the biggest obstacles facing the sale of beer and wine in some movie theatres is the fact that underage people are present. Ensuring that alcoholic beverages don't wind up in the wrong hands can be challenging from a liability standpoint. Theatre chains that do sell alcohol to patrons are forced to pay some hefty insurance premiums as a result. They, in turn, pass along the cost of that insurance in the prices of the drinks they sell. Hence, the reason you're plopping down some big bucks to have a cold beer at the theater.

According to The Wine Daily, AMC Theatres, Almo Draft House Cinemas, iPic Theatres, Cinemark Cinemas, and Sundance Cinemas are some of the theatre chains nationwide that currently offer you the ability to get your booze on during movie night. Be advised, the sale of alcoholic beverages in these various theatre chains varies from market to market.

Source: KSFY TV/The Wine Daily 

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