A little over two weeks remain in the regular season for Class AA girls basketball in South Dakota and playoff seedings are starting to take shape.

Some teams are on a complete sprint towards the regular season with some playing as many as six games between now and February 23. Other teams are sitting back with three games remaining.

Remember, the system is developed based on seed points and not win-loss record. Seed points are given on a graded scale based on the winning percentage of opponents divided by the number of games played. It creates chaos at times with scenarios of teams with worse records above those with better records due to strength of schedule.

Before we look at each district, here's how the teams shape up as of today (February 8) based on seed points. This is only used in regards to state tournament seeding based on who gets in.

  1. Harrisburg (13-1. District 2) 44.07
  2. Roosevelt (11-5. District 1) 43.44
  3. Brandon Valley (15-2. District 2) 43.24
  4. RC Stevens (12-2. District 4) 43.14
  5. RC Central (9-5. District 4) 42.36
  6. Lincoln (10-7. District 2) 42.12
  7. Aberdeen Central (10-4. District 3) 41.93
  8. Washington (9-7. District 2) 41.56
  9. O'Gorman (7-9. District 1) 40.56
  10. Brookings (7-8. District 1) 39.33
  11. Pierre T.F. Riggs (7-7. District 3) 39.14
  12. Douglas (6-11. District 4) 37.76
  13. Yankton (3-11. District 2) 37.71
  14. Sturgis (5-11. District 4) 37.56
  15. Mitchell (3-11. District 3) 37.14
  16. Watertown (3-12. District 1) 37.00
  17. Huron (4-12. District 3) 36.75

District 1

Roosevelt stands tall in District 1 with a full three point advantage in seed points over O'Gorman. Those two teams meet again on February 9th. But it's almost a lock at this point for RHS to be the top team in the District 1 tournament. O'Gorman and Brookings are on the verge of meeting in the first round of District 1, but the rest of the regular season will determine who hosts the game. Watertown is locked as the 4th seed in District  1.

Current Standings

  1. Roosevelt (11-5. District 1) 43.44
  2. O'Gorman (7-9. District 1) 40.56
  3. Brookings (7-8. District 1) 39.33
  4. Watertown (3-12. District 1) 37.00

District 2

District 2 is stacked this season and the race is pretty close. There is a little bit of separation however between the top two, middle two, and team in last. Either way, It's unfortunate that one team will be left out. The way the system is set up, only three teams maximum from a district can make it to the tournament.

The top seed is still up for grabs with Harrisburg and Brandon Valley splitting the regular season series. The Lynx have played three more games at this point than Harrisburg has. With the common opponents that they have played, it ultimately comes down to the final games, and then the comparison of the Sioux Falls schools (that BV has played) compared to Spearfish and Sturgis (that Harrisburg has played).

Lincoln has now defeated Washington twice this season and holds a stern advantage for the 3rd seed in District 2. This can certainly change over the next couple of weeks with Lincoln having three games left and Washington having four. WHS would need LHS to falter on their final games, while they go on a run. As of today, the path to the 3rd seed is fully controlled by the Patriots.

At this point, Yankton is locked into the 5th seed and will have to travel to either WHS or LHS to play the district play-in game at the end of February.

Current Standings

  1. Harrisburg (13-1. District 2) 44.07
  2. Brandon Valley (15-2. District 2) 43.24
  3. Lincoln (10-7. District 2) 42.12
  4. Washington (9-7. District 2) 41.56
  5. Yankton (3-11. District 2) 37.71

District 3

The defending champions have a nice lead in the standings. Aberdeen Central is 10-4 with a 1.5 seed point advantage over Pierre. The Golden Eagles also have two wins over Pierre this season, thus giving them full control over the top seed in District 3. Pierre is in full control of the second seed.

Mitchell and Huron will both have to travel in the first round of the District 3 tournament. They split the season series against each other, so the final six games for Mitchell will determine who will have to go to Aberdeen.

Current Standings

  1. Aberdeen Central (10-4. District 3) 41.93
  2. Pierre T.F. Riggs (7-7. District 3) 39.14
  3. Mitchell (3-11. District 3) 37.14
  4. Huron (4-12. District 3) 36.75

District 4

Rapid City Stevens holds the top spot in the seed point standings, but Rapid City Central still has a chance to catch them. The two teams meet again in the last meeting of the regular season, but both teams travel to Sioux Falls this weekend to face Washington and Lincoln. The scene will become a little more clear following this weekend.

What we do know is that the bottom half of District 4 is set if Rapid City Central secures one more win. Douglas and Sturgis Brown will be tangled together fighting for the bottom seeds. Both will have to travel to Rapid City.

Current Standings

  1. RC Stevens (12-2. District 4) 43.14
  2. RC Central (9-5. District 4) 42.36
  3. Douglas (6-11. District 4) 37.76
  4. Sturgis (5-11. District 4) 37.56

No matter the scenario, we are in for a fun ride to the end of the regular season and into the District playoffs.

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