If you were to talk to the vast majority of the estimated 17 million people who completed a marathon in the United States in 2015, you'd be hard pressed to find many of them waxing on about how much fun they had.

But apparently it is possible to conquer a 26-mile course and have a good time, if you know where to look.

The website WellAndGood.com looked at all of the road races in the United States scheduled between June and October this year and found one from each state that they describe as the 'coolest, craziest run'.

In South Dakota, they opted for cool, selecting the Crazy Horse Marathon and Half Marathon, October 9, for their story 'The 50 Coolest Road Races You Can Run This Year'.

So why did they pick this event?

The races start with a drum ceremony—which is way cooler than the usual starting line gunshot.

It's hard to argue with that and the incredible scenery you encounter on the marathon route, as you start from the Crazy Horse memorial and travel through Custer before finishing in Hill City.

But, if you can't make it to the hills, there are some other wild and wacky road races across the country this year. Here are some that sound especially fun:

  • Funky Prom Run - Kentucky, June 4

No medal here, top finishers gets crowns and sashes.

  • Cookie Daze - Kansas, June 18

Cookies at each water station. Say no more...

  • Run with the Horses Marathon - Wyoming, August 20

Wild horses running alongside you throughout the course.

  • Twisted Maze Run - Wisconsin, September 9

This one is actually run in a corn maze. But it is pre-marked so you won't get lost.

  • Jog with your Dog 5K - Arkansas, September 24

Just like the name says, you run this one with your dog.

  • Hairy Gorilla Half and Squirrelly Six Miler - New York, October 30

This Halloween-eve events features runners in full costume.

  • Hot Chocolate 15K and 5K - Illinois, October 30

Each finisher receives a mug of hot chocolate and the medals look like bars of chocolate.

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