University of South Dakota athletic director David Herbster joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime.

Herbster is currently the athletic director at USD. The Coyotes won the Women's Summit League Championship in just their second year in Division II yesterday.

Herbster also announced that men's interim basketball head coach Joey James will not return next season, after a loss in the Men's Summit League Tournament to Denver.

He discussed the excitement surrounding the USD women's program, after they won Summit League tournament and advanced to the NCAA Tournament earlier on Tuesday.

"No doubt. I've had the question asked quite a bit yesterday. How does it feel? How you describe how it feels? I go back to when I got here seven years ago, when were still Division II and we were starting that transition, and how long that it is. Whether it's the Great West Conference and you are going places you've never seen, and you're doing things you're trying understand who you are and what you need to be. To see this today, we've experienced with track, winning the last two Summit League titles, and you know we won conference championships during the transition in the Great West Conference, but you didn't have the next level you could go to, like you are now going to the NCAA tournament, the biggest stage in basketball. So, unbelievable, unbelievably rewarding, everything that we went through, the whole process, well worth it, and the hard work everyone did in that time makes this one so much more special."

Herbster on what Amy Williams brings to the USD women's basketball team:

"My only problem with her as a big guy, she's a point guard. So we never see eye on some things. I could tell you right now if we played, she would never pass me the ball. But unbelievable, her personality is infectious, the enthusiasm, what she's done and built this group of ladies into a family and brought it together, there's not turmoil on this, not a lot of drama amongst the team members itself. She just has a passion, a way about it that is infectious."

Herbster shares how the decision to let Joey James go came about:

"Well, back in the fall, when the change occurred, and that was Dave Boots leaving, we had a week to evaluate and name Joey the interim, we knew at that time, we were going to do a search at the end of the season. And, so I've seen the reports, Joey has been fired, Joey has not been retained, but at this point, we are really doing what we were saying back in the fall. Certainly, and I told this to Joey, I need you and want you to be part of this process. It's going to be tough, and tough for anybody to come in. For me, this job, I look back and what Boots did here for five years, over 500 victories. That's a hard act to follow. So, I think the standard is pretty high for anybody coming in. But really we owe it to the university and to the team, to make sure we do the most comprehensive thorough search, to make sure whoever is in that chair is the right person."

Herbster also said James will have an opportunity to interview for the vacant head coaching position.

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