Patrick Mahomes has won his second Super Bowl, while Minnesota Vikings fans sit and wait for our first Super Bowl win ever, but who's keeping track?! Actually as a Vikings fan I was happy for an actual competitive, good game to watch and was also happy to see the Eagles not win it, but maybe that's just me.

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What you might not know though is that Patrick Mahomes II actually has a strong connection to Minnesota. So much that you may have seen him in a Minnesota Professional Team's uniform once upon a time and really realize it. Though he was born in Tyler, Texas back in 1995, his daddy Pat Mahomes, at that time was playing Major League Baseball for the one and only Minnesota Twins. He made his debut with the Twins in 1992 and was with the team until he was traded in 1996 to the Red Sox.

This was actually something I knew but had not really thought on, until I saw someone made mention of it in a reddit post after the Kansas City Chiefs were led to a Super Bowl win over the Eagles by Quarterback MVP Patrick Mahomes. Rather snarky or bitter maybe, they made this statement:

For those trying to figure it out, yes, that is former Minnesota Twins player Pat Mahomes, holding a then very young Patrick Mahomes, and looking adorable in a Minnesota Twins uniform to support his daddy.

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The caption of the thread can be taken however you want as you will see, many argue that's not actually true. We had Brett Favre play for the Vikings and he was a Super Bowl winning quarterback, it just wasn't with our team unfortunately. But no use crying over spilled milk, all we can do is once again hope for the best and say what we usually do...Next Year!

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