School is almost out for the summer, and that means family vacations are on the horizon. Whether you're going on a road trip or a beach adventure, vacations are always a great time to relax and have fun!

Speaking of having fun...there are a couple of vacation destinations that literally the whole family can enjoy. In fact, these vacations will make adults feel like they're kids again!

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One word: Disney. Disney allows children and adults to unlock their imaginations to inspire a visit filled with magic. It's pure happiness that emboldens everyone to embrace their inner child and wildest dreams. It's a spirit that fills your body. I was lucky enough to experience this joy during my recent vacation travels!

For the first time, I traveled to Anaheim, California. Not only was this my first trip to California, but it was also my first experience at Disneyland! I have so many wonderful memories with my family at Walt Disney World. Now I can add to those Disney memories thanks to my wonderful Disneyland day.

It's been an interesting couple of years at amusement parks like Disneyland thanks to COVID. At the beginning of the pandemic, Disney parks across the globe shut down for an extended period of time. Eventually, they re-opened their gates to Disney lovers with restrictions in place. This includes having little to no contact with the characters at Disney. You could not even take a picture with them. Now, Disney parks like Disneyland have created ways to safely interact with the characters, a premium feature of any Disney vacation.

I was lucky to run into some iconic Disney characters while I was at Disneyland. They were so kind and gracious! They even said "hello" to all their Sioux Falls friends! They wanted me to pass along that they are so excited to see everyone again! They have missed all their visitors, including the ones from Sioux Falls.

Here are some pictures I took with the characters I met at Disneyland. Who are your favorite Disney characters?

Disneyland Characters


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