When I recently moved back to the Midwest, I was caught off guard by a relatively common practice that can be viewed as very dangerous.

Of course, with the hot and cold weather extremes in the region depending on the time of year, people may want to remain in the comfort of their cars when pumping gas at a fuel station.

However, what caught me by surprise wasn't that people retreated to their cars while pumping, but that their cars' engines remained running in the process.

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According to an article from familyhandyman.com, not only is running your vehicle's engine while pumping gas dangerous, but there are other common things to avoid to have a safe trip to the pump.

Per the article:

Can you pump gas with your engine running? Yes. But should you? Probably not. While there is a minimal chance of a fire occurring, leaving the engine running increases the chance of gas vapors igniting if they come in contact with static electricity.

“It’s is safest to shut off your vehicle to avoid a fire, static electricity or a check engine light,” says Lauren Fix, an ASE certified technician and sector analyst at The Car Coach. “The fire risk is that the fumes burn, not the liquid. This could lead to an explosion.”

The article continues with other safety nuggets to consider when filling up your vehicle:

Besides shutting off your vehicle, there are other safety measures you can take while fueling up. Fix says never smoke or vape while pumping gas, and stay off your cell phone. “Being on the phone can and has created static electricity,” Fix says. “Leave your phone in the car.” It’s also a good way to concentrate on fueling.


There you have it. I suppose it isn't just me that almost had a heart attack the first time I saw a running car getting gassed up next to my own.

Next time you're at the pump, feel free to stay as warm or cool as possible in your car, but make sure the engine is turned off for your safety and those around you.

Source: Family Handyman

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