Does Minnesota Have Outrageously Gaudy Concession Prices At Pro Sports Venues?

Edmonton Oilers play at Rogers Place where fans are expected to dish out over $36 for 2 sodas and 2 popcorn.

It's no secret that sports fans get thirsty, especially when screaming at your team or the visitors for three hours. That's where a beer or three makes us happy. But, there is a high price to soothe your thirst at NFL stadiums.

The 10-highest price beer locations are all over $10.00:
$14.67: Eagles
$13.75: Rams, Chargers
$12.00: Raiders
$11.50: 49ers, Saints, Jaguars
$11.00: Dolphins, Giants, Commanders
$10.50: Titans, Seahawks, Panthers

Rising food costs have forced vendors to up their prices between 20% and 30% from January 2021 to May 2022.

Gone are the days when sports venues only served hot dogs, beer, soda, and popcorn. Now, a fan's tastebuds have gone epicurean.

Look at the menu board of U.S. Bank Stadium where the Minnesota Vikings play. Jerk Bacon Sammie, Beef Tenderloin, Lamb, Smoky Chicken Nachos.

At Target Field home of the Minnesota Twins a hot dog, this year was only $5.00. And, if fans wanted, they could bring their snacks to the ballpark.

For hockey fans attending Minnesota Wild games at the Xcel Energy Center prices are quite reasonable with snacks and smaller items for about $5.00. You'll still drop a ten-spot for a beer.

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