Dream big. Work Hard. Stay humble.

There's plenty to love about college football, and there's plenty to dislike. But on a day like today, we're reminded of the great people and players around college football programs.

We're reminded of Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler.

One year ago today, Foltz and Sadler tragically passed away in a single-car accident.

During their time on this earth and in and around college football, Foltz and Sadler left lasting impacts on everyone they met: family, friends, opponents, future football specialists, fans, children and a whole lot more.

Foltz and Sadler represented the positive in college football and the opportunities it can provide to athletes as both players and mentors. They didn't take those roles lightly, which is why they were mainstays at specialist camps across the Midwest and beyond.

So today, we remember Foltz and Sadler, these two former Big Ten football athletes, for the memories they left and the lives they impacted. We remember what these two men stood for and the way they represented themselves, their teams, their universities and their families.

Most importantly, we remember Foltz and Sadler so that we can learn from their lives and better ourselves. We remember them as a reminder to dream big, to work hard and to stay humble.

Sam Foltz. Mike Sadler. #ForeverTwoSeven. #ForeverASpartan.

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