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Halloween 1991 saw the Sioux Falls area get hit with over 15 inches of snow and several days of cold. It was part of a huge weather system that also inspired the George Clooney movie The Perfect Storm.

In 2012, Meteorologist Shawn Cable, then with KSFY-TV, did this great recap of the storm. Complete with some awesome video of Sioux Falls in 1991.

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The event started with snow. Lots of snow. Then sixty mile-an-hour winds showed up for the All Hallowes Eve party. Sioux Falls ended up with drifts measured in feet.

In the video above we get treated to several shots of classic 80s cars getting unstuck and lumbering through the aftermath. Accidents brought lots of victims to the local hospitals. There were even reports of a couple of deaths.

To make the storm even more fun, the snow was followed by days of bitter South Dakota cold. So, not only did we miss out on lots of candy that year, we got to huddle inside while our Terminator 2 costume went to waste.

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The storm was part of a bigger system that dumped snow all over the Upper Midwest. Duluth, Minnesota ended up with over 35 inches of snow!

In fact, this storm was set up, in part, by the weather patterns that caused the "Perfect Storm" that struck the East Coast of the United States, and was famously depicted in Sebastian Junger's book. Moreover, the "Perfect Storm" was beginning to wind down in the Northeast on Halloween, around the same time that Minnesota was starting to see heavy snow creeping in. To have two exceptional storms impacting the continental United States at the same time is quite rare. -NWS Duluth


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