A short stretch of road in South Dakota could be the spookiest drive in the state. It's called Spook Road and it's right outside Brandon, South Dakota.

It looks like a nice fall drive during the day. But it's what some people say happens after sundown that gives 264th street the moniker of Spook Road.

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The Spookiest Road in South Dakota
Google Maps

The 'Spook Road' Bridges

One of the road's most distinguishing features is the bridges. Legend says that you'll cross 5 bridges going one way and only 4 on the way back. Some folks will tell you there are 6 bridges, while others will say there are 7.

In fact, some of the long-time residents nicknamed it Seven Bridges Road back in the 70s (Not to be confused with the Eagles song of that name).

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And of course, why wouldn't there be a cemetery alongside the road? Some will say that when you see it the excitement is about to begin. Others say there is not a cemetery on Spook Road.

The Spookiest Road in South Dakota
Google Maps

There are also reports of a ghostly figure, either on the side of the road or hanging from a tree. That's a little unsettling. Another person reported a "demon deer" shot out from the trees on a stormy night. Don't forget the timeless favorite: reports of occult activity.

Perhaps the 605 Paranormal Society says it best after a two-day investigation:

"Even though there is no documented history to support any of the claims of the road, is it possible that something is drawn to the area because people want it to be haunted? Remember that saying, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.”

Here is their video from their investigation of Spook Road:

And then there is this Youtube video by BrocksVentures. It's a little over 6 minutes long and gives a nice but scary history of the road where he debunks the theory of the bridge count.

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